The Old-School Liberal

“Freedom granted only when it is known beforehand that its effects will be beneficial is not freedom” — Friedrich Hayek


“…Liberalism in the American usage has little in common with the word as used in the politics of any European country… Liberalism in America has been a party of social progress rather than of intellectual doctrine, committed to ends rather than to methods. When a laissez-faire policy seemed best calculated to achieve the liberal objective of equality of opportunity for all — as it did in the time of Jefferson — liberals believed, in the Jeffersonian phrase, that that government is best which governs least…The process of redefining liberalism in terms of the social needs of the 20th century was conducted by Theodore Roosevelt and his New Nationalism, Woodrow Wilson and his New Freedom, and Franklin D. Roosevelt and his New Deal. Out of these three great reform periods there emerged the conception of a social welfare state, in which the national government had the express obligation to maintain high levels of employment in the economy, to supervise standards of life and labor, to regulate the methods of business competition, and to establish comprehensive patterns of social security.”–Arthur Schlesinger, Jr.

The Old-School Liberal rejects the new, American definition of liberal, adopted by the opponents of classical liberalism, as well as the ever-expanding federal behemoth that it prescribes. This blog rejects “he said, she said” journalism, and instead seeks to provide a truly liberal perspective on current events and the American political scene. It is intended as a forum for all liberal-minded people to redefine the nature of American political discourse through fact-oriented coverage and pointed commentary on the current issues concerning liberty today.

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One Response to “About”

  1. Hey,
    Just located your website. Really enjoy the classic, small “l” liberal viewpoint. I have added a link from my site. Keep up the good work.

    The NeoCentrist

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