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“Freedom granted only when it is known beforehand that its effects will be beneficial is not freedom” — Friedrich Hayek

McCain on The US as World Policeman

Posted by Poorsummary on February 18, 2008

080225_r17114_p233.jpgYou thought the Bush Administration was hawkish on policing the world? You ain’t seen nothing yet. (from Foreign Affairs; Quoted here by Reason Magazine):

America needs not simply more soldiers but more soldiers with the skills necessary to help friendly governments and their security forces resist common foes. I will create an Army Advisory Corps with 20,000 soldiers to partner with militaries abroad, and I will increase the number of U.S. personnel available to engage in Special Forces operations, civil affairs activities, military policing, and military intelligence. We also need a nonmilitary deployable police force to train foreign forces and help maintain law and order in places threatened by state collapse.

It is ideas such as these that spawn such seemingly oxymoronic groups such as Libertarians for Obama. Apparently, socialism appeals to some libertarians more than empire building. It is truly a tragedy that the politics of the day demand that such a choice be made.


2 Responses to “McCain on The US as World Policeman”

  1. I love how you bold face parts as if they are bad things. As if that HELPS your worthless cause.

  2. oskarlange said

    I actually didn’t bold face those parts– that was done by Reason (see the link) and for some reason I wasn’t able to undo the bold face in the few seconds I spent trying. I can’t blame you for attributing the bold font to me, however. Reason bold faces the font because the article is about how McCain talks about reducing the size of the government, and yet he talks about vastly expanding military spending.

    I don’t take issue with having a strong military, so long as it is used for national defense, rather than foreign military interventionism and preemptive war. The part that bothers me in the quote is the need for a “nonmilitary deployable police force to train forces and help maintain law and order” around the world. Where does the constitution give the federal government the authority to establish an international police force? Do we really intend to spend the blood and treasure of US citizens enforcing law and order around the globe? Constitutionality aside, such a policy strikes me as clearly unsustainable.

    I take issue with you labeling my cause as worthless without having the intellectual courage to identify what it is about my cause that you find so worthless. My cause of individual responsibility, personal freedom, and constitutional government is far broader than foreign non-interventionism. Even if you disagree with me on foreign policy, I think if you were honest with yourself, you would find that you are actually in agreement with me on many, though not all, issues.

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