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Ron Paul: the Centrist Republican

Posted by Poorsummary on November 14, 2007


While the mainstream media has panned Ron Paul as a “fringe candidate,” it turns out he may be the most centrist of all the Republican candidates. Ask any democrat you know what the 2 most important issues are in this presidential election and you’re likely to hear “the environment,” and “the war.”

Since its hard to know exactly what a candidate will do based on what they say in debates (remember Bush’s “humble” foreign policy with no nation building?) it’s important to look at their actual previous behavior. For congressman and senators, this means their voting record.

The environmental advocacy group League of Conservation Voters publishes a National Environmental Scorecard for every Congress since 1970. According to their website, “The Scorecard represents the consensus of experts from more than 20 respected environmental and conservation organizations who selected the key votes on which Members of Congress should be graded.”

Suffice it to say the democrats lead the pack on the environment (bear in mind that the costs of such bills are not taken into consideration), but when it comes to the Republicans, something very interesting has occured. Ron Paul was the most environmentally friendly Republican presidential candidate rated. Here are the life-time scores (note that the other front-runners, Guliani and Romney, are omitted since they were not congressmen or senators):

Paul 30%

McCain 26%

Thompson 12%*

Tancredo 11%

Hunter 9%

As for the war, Ron Paul has even the democrats beat. He’s the guy who voted against the Iraq war and the Patriot act, and is committed to bringing the troops home immediately. Unlike Clinton who has said the troops will have to remain there long term, and Obama who has supported taking unilateral action against Pakistan. Compared to other Republicans, he’s the only one against the current war. Period.

Given the Bush administration’s poor performance and approval ratings, it will be a challenge for any Republican to win a general election without a significant change in course. Ron Paul is consistent (to a fault, some might say) and will not have to flip-flop on his positions, adopt fake accents, pretend to be a hunter, etc. in order to win votes. It’s time the Republican’s stop focusing on who can make Guantanamo the biggest, and start thinking about winning a general election.

*between ’97 and ’02 (different source)


2 Responses to “Ron Paul: the Centrist Republican”

  1. Tim said

    you’re insane!
    Ron Paul is the most environmentally friendly because he supports private property rights. He is the most Right-winged Conservative in the race right now. Neo-Cons are the centrists.

    By the way, it’s a false statement to say that Republicans are FOR the war and Democrats aren’t. Hillary and Obama have the same plan as Giuliani and Romney. Get your facts straight, if you are a true fiscal conservative you are AGAINST this 2 Trillion dollar war!

  2. Hendrick de Man said

    Tim, did you read the article before you commented on it? Of course private property rights aid the environment! The use of centrist in this blog doesn’t seem to be the way you’d use the term.

    Oskarlange didn’t say that Republicans are for the war and Democrats aren’t. In fact, he pointed out that Hillary & Obama both are pro-war just as you said. Everyone on this blog is against the 2 Trillion dollar war on abstract nouns.

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