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“Freedom granted only when it is known beforehand that its effects will be beneficial is not freedom” — Friedrich Hayek

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John Mayer endorses Ron Paul?

Posted by Poorsummary on October 17, 2007

Ok…so “endorses” is a bit of a stretch, but he does say he’s talking about Ron Paul and advocates reading the constitution. After all, “there’s a lot of healing in there.”

But seriously, it’s high time some high-profile celebrities start thinking about endorsing Ron Paul. Name recognition is still one of his biggest obstacles, despite his recent fund raising success both nationally and in New Hampshire. Sure, Barry Manilow has thrown a couple thousand dollars Paul’s way, but a few public statements in support of Paul could be worth millions. Given musicians’ public opposition to the war (remember Dave Matthews’s “Vote for Change” tour?), and Hillary’s confession of a long-term US presence in Iraq, one would think the Ron Paul campaign could get at least a benefit concert or two. As far as I know, even libertarian Drew Carey has yet to get behind the biggest libertarian movement of the decade.

Well guys…if you were waiting for an invitation, this is it. As a DMB and occasional “Who’s Line” fan, I’m ready to see you guys “Vote for Change” by supporting a presidential candidate that stands out from the usual pack of fear mongering, flip-flopping, nanny-state loving, focus-group driven, well oiled political robots. And don’t wait for TMZ to catch you ranting about it drunk outside of a bar with your entourage– although, that could arguably be more interesting than watching another piece on traffic jams.


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